Hello, I’m Paige!


The beginning: Technically speaking I am considered a Midwest native, but dreamt as a young boy the Pacific Northwest is where I would live. After spending a few years frolicking around Arizona in my early 20’s, my wife, daughter and I (and dog) ventured to Portland in search of change in 2013. Needless to say, we found it! A few months after settling in to our new home, photography became an essential part of my life again, so I began traveling throughout Oregon and shooting landscapes as a way to ease back in to the industry. I mean, what better way to get to know your new surroundings than to drive around with a camera in your hand, right? In 2014 we added another member to our family and welcomed our son into the world! That same year, I realized how working with people is another deep rooted passion of mine and wanted to incorporate the two, thus my endeavor in portrait photography sparked.

Diving in a little further: The feeling I get when working with people is often difficult to put into words. Think of it like this - imagine a complete stranger with a camera, standing in front of you, asking you to be yourself when you’re at your most vulnerable position in that moment of time, to document true authenticity is nothing short of magical. It’s what I live for. I’m a firm believer in letting my sessions play out because in those moments nothing but raw, honest and organic emotions are unveiled. I photograph with intention and approach every session with an open mind and heart as it is the only way to capture my clients in their most pure, natural state. In 2018 I began photographing weddings and I will be the first to say, witnessing two humans pour both their hearts and souls into a day they share with their closest friends and family, is wholeheartedly beautiful. Smiles. Laughs. Tears. Hugs. Dancing. Those are a few sentiments I record electronically for my clients which gives me a greater purpose to tell their breathtaking story for years to come.

“ I personally view my services as investments of art, relationships and nostalgia, and believe is my purpose to document each moment as its presented. A single photograph can evoke an emotion otherwise forgotten without the evidence of art we create through storytelling imagery. “

The personal me: I'm outgoing, (mildly) foul-mouthed and extremely determined to bring joy to people. I enjoy good whiskey and pizza and may watch too many Netflix series in my down time. My wife and two kids are the center of my life and thoroughly love their quirkiness! In all seriousness though, I'm truly blessed to have a passion for capturing authenitc moments and utilizing this tool to help push the standard of photography. If for some reason I'm not behind the lens though, you can usually find me at local eateries, hiking around the Cascades or chasing waterfalls through the Columbia River Gorge. I also like llama's. So theres that...

By now, you’ve probably realized how awesome I am. Which is why you should choose me based off of my personality and portfolio but the fact of the matter is, I may not be the photographer of your choice and that's completely ok, finding the right one can be challenging! But if you do find where our galaxies align and would like me to record your special moment in time, you will find that I pride myself on my work ethic, integrity and straight forward approach to everything in life. I believe in being honest and doing the right thing, regardless of how others may view you. Feel free to visit the “CONTACT” page to begin the process!