The one behind the lens.

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.”

— Irving Penn


Welcome! I’m Paige, owner of Michael Paige Photography. Although technically considered a Midwest native, as a young boy I dreamt the Pacific Northwest is where would I navigate towards eventually. After spending a few years frolicking around Arizona in my early 20’s, my wife, daughter and I (and dog) ventured to Portland in 2013. A few months after settling in the spark for photography reignited and began traveling throughout Oregon photographing the luscious landscapes. In 2014 we welcomed our son into the world and it was at that time, I realized how working with people is another deep rooted passion of mine - thus my endeavor in portrait photography began. 


In 2018 I began photographing weddings and will be the first to say, witnessing two humans pour both their hearts and souls into a day they share with their closest friends and family, is wholeheartedly beautiful. Love exuding from our inner frameworks is rare, and is what resonates with me to my core. I'm wildly blessed to have such a passion for documenting authentic moments and utilizing this tool to help push the standard of photography and is why I love what I do.


I'm outgoing, (mildly) foul-mouthed and extremely determined to bring joy to people. I enjoy good whiskey and pizza and may watch too many Netflix series in my down time. My wife and kids are the center of my life and thoroughly appreciate the constant journey we seek for greater purpose. If for some reason I'm not behind the lens, you can usually find me at local eateries, hiking around the Cascades or chasing waterfalls through the Columbia River Gorge. I also like llama's. So theres that...